Saturday, August 24, 2013

Birth of a Longboard.

9.7 x 23 x 3. 19 in the nose and 15 in the tail. Secret triple T band rocker with nose rider tail curve. 50/50 foiled rails. Deep blended nose concave with 3" "V" panels so you can steer from the nose. Obeche and redwood tailblock. Burnt Orange tint with LOTS of deck and tail patches. Taped off 800grit matt and gloss finish. Custom 9.5" evenflow fin.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Been busy in the forge turning old pawn shop hammer heads into adze and axe heads. My hands generally take about three days to recover after each session. Blacksmiths are hard.
Shu... so after a very long time I am back in the bay and making some boards. This is a very tricked out custom nose rider for Ben, who has been extremely gracious in waiting so very long.


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